Rural Union contributes to installation of collective legal reserves

The president of the Rural Union of Luis Eduardo Magalhães, Vanir Kölln, received on Friday, experts in environmental law and environmental solutions that have talked about the use of new parameters of Environmental Forest Code, especially those concerning the allocation areas collective legal reserve by producers. John Henry Giometti Bertogna, the Furlanetto and Bertogna office, […]


Planting trees becomes solution to mitigate greenhouse

In times of global warming, planting trees has become a good deal, especially for those who want to offset the greenhouse gases emitted in many different day-to-day. Have you ever realized that almost everything we do results in the emission of greenhouse gases? Mainly as carbon dioxide, known as CO2. A flex car with 1.4 […]


Esri offers free mapping service in Brazil

ESRI, the American company leader in software development for GIS, just updated the Brazilian geographic content from ArcGIS Online map services. Maps services are available on the web for free and present the results of investment and Geocollaboration users, partners and distributors from Esri worldwide. These services allow users to leverage Brazilian geographic content of […]