CAR is a lecture theme in CAMDA

The Camda in partnership with Geoflorestas hosted a lecture series on the CAR Project – Rural Environmental Registry. The main approach was to clarify the farmer what are the benefits that the registration in the CAR brings to the property, as well as presenting new concepts covered in the New Forest Code. The lectures were given by professional forestry Eng Emerson Coutinho (ger. Rest. Bloom. Geoflorestas) and biol. Roberta Tubini (coor. Proj. Geoflorestas). The action brought together more than 160 cooperative members in the cities of Penápolis, Andradina, Campo Grande, New Andradina, Presidente Prudente, Dracena and Junqueirópolis.

Read more at: http://www.camda.com.br/site/images/informativo/1429792537Maio_Web_2015.pdf

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