Lecture about CAR occurs at Camda

After joining efforts and firm partnership, Camda and Geoflorestas give the tip to the pro- ject foot initial CAR with the inaugural event held in Camda headquarters in Adamantina. The action brought together more than 60 members.

Two lectures were held, one on the history of changes and demands from the New Forest Code (eng. Forest Emerson G. Coutinho? Ger. Flo- Restoration Restal of Geoflorestas) and another on the CAR project itself (biologist Leandro B. spider? dir. Executive Geoflorestas). On the occasion presented the steps of the project and its execution, necessary documents and project costs for the members, as well as the next steps for the effective membership and start of work. Any cooperated
CAR interested in the project can join directly with Camda or the Geoflorestas. Will soon be available the agenda of the new events that will take place in cooperative units.

What is – The Rural Environmental Registry (CAR) is a mechanism created by the new forest code that acts as an electronic record, mandatory for all rural prop- erties, regardless of size, with the aim to integrate all the environmental information the property as the APP Permanent Preservation Areas, Legal Reserve, forests and remnants of native vegetation, areas of restricted use and consolidated areas of rural properties across the country.

Read more at: http://www.geoflorestas.com.br/noticias/1413921122Novembro_Web_2014 (1) .pdf

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