Planting trees becomes solution to mitigate greenhouse

In times of global warming, planting trees has become a good deal, especially for those who want to offset the greenhouse gases emitted in many different day-to-day.
Have you ever realized that almost everything we do results in the emission of greenhouse gases? Mainly as carbon dioxide, known as CO2.
A flex car with 1.4 engine, which runs 100 kilometers per month, emits 110 kg of CO2. An airlift Sao Paulo? Rio de Janeiro and back, is quickie, but there are going 130 kilograms of carbon dioxide per person.
If you pay R $ 100 electric bill per month is sending another 150 kilos. Only these three examples give a total of 390 kilograms of CO2. That is, you need to plant two trees to offset this issue and wait 30-40 years until they become adults to get even with the atmosphere.
The bill is complex. The experts use the so-called CO2 calculator, which converts the gases emitted by trees must be planted to compensate for the damage. If native species of the Atlantic, for example, each tree is able to stock up on average 190 kg of carbon dioxide in adulthood.
It is possible to account for any activity, and has one who do it. The Green Initiative, for example, was one of the pioneers in this market. Has planted nearly 500,000 trees over a thousand offset projects.
Six large stores of a network of building material throughout Brazil had the greenhouse gases emitted when they were built, offset by planting trees. So far, this account closed at 55,000 planted tree seedlings.
? For every kilogram of produced concrete, we emit into the atmosphere, 100 grams of carbon dioxide. Aluminum is already a much more demanding material. For each kilogram of aluminum produced, six kilograms of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere. So, we have to take into account the particularities of each material to make a full accounting of carbon dioxide emitted by order of Store construction ?, says Magno Castelo Branco, technical director of the Green Initiative.
Applying carbon calculator, the use of 15 tons of concrete in a single store (1,635 tons of CO2) resulted in the planting of 8605 trees; 324 tons of cement (292 tons of CO2) turned 1537 trees; and 233 tons of steel (247 tonnes CO2), 1,300 new trees.
? With six stores, we compensate around R $ 500,000 ?, says Andreia Abreu, project manager and works? Leroy Merlin. Who pays for the service online accompanies the growth of seedlings entitled to digitized maps satellite images.
The list of the organization’s customers is great, and will Pagoda groups to book publishers and fashion fairs. All trees are planted in degraded areas along river banks.
The report was the San Carlos, 230 kilometers from São Paulo to meet one of the areas where carbon offsetting is made. In the city, farmers are required by law to protect vegetation with a strip 50 meters wide on both sides of the rivers.
Are areas of permanent protection. Not all farmers can or will comply with the legislation. ? There was nothing here, it was just grass vegetation. Here 4000 seedlings were planted, with 85 different species ?, says Roberto Flavio Marchesin, farmers.
Flavio proudly displays the forest that protects the river accounts for 40% of wastewater in São Carlos. Farmer, turned into project partner. Is it the mudário from where the new generations of trees that will gradually greening the properties of neighbors.
The site hosts an environmental center where students from schools in the region-schedule visits to see where it comes from city water, how to turn organic waste into compost, and finally the most awaited day’s lesson, how to plant the tree.
The quiet countryside, to the roar of engines Rio Claro, 150 kilometers from São Paulo, the car rental company launched the idea in 2009.? The company is for us a record of the locations. We do the full calculation kilometers, which were covered with every kind of vehicle, and we arrive at the total emissions ?, says CEO Leandro Aranha.
? I think it’s you encourage and pursue an awareness in people who rent, so it’s not a mandatory thing. We give the possibility to choose the person participating in the program. I think the result is very satisfactory ?, says Marcela Moreira, marketing director? Movida Rent a Car.
And when it comes to a mega event like the Olympics? The Brazil has committed to offset emissions from 2016 games According to the Secretary for the Environment, 24 million trees will be planted until December 2015.
On the map, it appears the targets set by the ten largest companies in the state. On the site, planting done by volunteers is updated online. ? These 24 million are likely to abate emissions of the Olympics as well as emissions from the World Cup. They will be three in one. With the same tree, you captures carbon, protect water resources and expands biodiversity corridors ?, said Carlos Minc, State Secretary for the Environment in Rio de Janeiro.

Read more at: http://g1.globo.com/jornal-da-globo/noticia/2013/05/plantacao-de-arvores-se-torna-solucao-para-mitigar-efeito-estufa.html

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