Esri offers free mapping service in Brazil

ESRI, the American company leader in software development for GIS, just updated the Brazilian geographic content from ArcGIS Online map services. Maps services are available on the web for free and present the results of investment and Geocollaboration users, partners and distributors from Esri worldwide. These services allow users to leverage Brazilian geographic content of excellent quality on their maps and applications through the ArcGIS system.
Deilson Silva, technical marketing lead Image, explains that with the ArcGIS Online services you can: plan actions from the spatial and location of assets of a company, analyze the increase or decrease of vegetation in a given area over a period of time , disseminate knowledge and results of planned activities, and to understand the geography of behavior in urban and rural areas, as well as other benefits.
? Users can create their own maps using ArcGIS Online services. And so, locate the areas of environmental risk, create thematic maps from mashups (use maps and tools from multiple servers in your application), geocolaborar allowing users and citizens add value to their activities using Geographic Intelligence simply, quickly and efficiently ?, explains Silva.
Map services receiving more updates were WorldStreetMap, Global Landsat, World Imagery and TopographicMap. The World Street Map service, for example, presents data roads, railways, water resources, administrative boundaries, among other important spatial data for the preparation of maps. Users and companies can geocolaborar with geographic content through the Community Maps Program ESRI Base. Access to these services may be done from any one of ArcGIS System products.
In Brazil, Esri is represented by Image, Geographic Information Systems industry company operating in Latin America, located in São José dos Campos (SP).

Read more at: http://mundogeo.com/blog/2011/07/06/esri-disponibiliza-servicos-de-mapas-do-brasil-gratuitamente

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