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CAR Management

Simplify some processes with a full management of your Environmental Rural Register (CAR).

The environmental rural register directly interferes in the environmental regularization process of rural properties in Brazil.

The maintenance of this register is also essential for obtaining environmental licensing that directly impacts on business expansion and in the activities carried out by companies and producers.

The Geoflorestas operates directly on the information survey of rural properties to integrate them to the CAR, for this we use the WebGIS system of management of legal documents and geospatial data required for completing the registration. Our tool, called Renovar Platform, works objectively with the applications of the regulatory measures of the forest code, so all segments of agribusiness can count on specialized management so that your production is in compliance with environmental standards.

A differentiated and modern system for your production to walk side by side of environmental preservation
  • Simplifies the process of regularization of rural property
  • Legally assures all segments of agribusiness
  • Integrates all operations in the Environmental Rural Register
  • Uses the Renovar Platform (WebGIS System)
  • This solution also includes a transparent tool for the management of the regulatory measures of the forest code