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  • Agro climatic monitoring (rain, fire, frost, etc.)
  • Crop geomonitoring
  • Geospatial monitoring
  • Socio-environmental analysis
  • Analysis of certifications
  • Management Portal
  • Expert advice
  • Risk analysis
Renovar Platform

Everything you need to know about your rural property in only one platform

The Ronovar platform wants to facilitate the maintenance and management of the production chain. With online access to our platform you can register your rural property and get a complete analysis of the legal status of the property. The report generated by the Geoflorestas declares for example if the product grown in certain land is within the certifications required by the market.

The main benefit is to have an intelligent system that provides the user with information about the social and environmental risk of several segments of the production chains of food and raw materials (agriculture, forestry and animal). Linking information, intelligent solutions and a positive scenario for the main certifications required by the market it is essential for you to keep your production and business in perfect working order.

Main integrated certifications:

Information, efficiency and results


Speak with our team and receive an offer with all information and features that the platform provides.


Hire service, have free access to the Renovar Platform and get a detailed analysis with all information from your rural property.


Analysis conducted, it’s time to do a complete study for the proposition the changes and adjustments required.


Adjustments made, everything ready so that you get the certifications and eligibility of your rural property.

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