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Expert Services

Specialized actions for the development of your business

For the success of your business and the expansion of their trade relations the Geoflorestas offers a personalised service according to your needs. Our environmental consulting operates through a modern system, satellite images that is the basis to develop intelligent solutions with the producers in the environmental area.

Our monitoring via VANTs allows the monitoring and inspection of activities of rural properties, in this process we detected anomalies on local biomass and possible weather problems too. We generate illustrative reports with the intersection of information collected in the field visits and the results set out by our system.

With a team of experts, consultants and partners, the Geoflorestas offers a variety of specialized services in the following areas:

  • Landholding regularization and property register (Georeference INCRA, CCIR, ITR, NIRF)
  • Environmental diagnostic and consulting on various topics
  • Precision agriculture and forestry
  • Crop geomonitoring and risk analysis
  • Specialized services with use of the ArcGIS platform
  • Cartography and thematic mapping
  • Obtaining and processing of images via VANTs
  • International customer service
  • Carbonfree program (inventory of GHG emissions and Neutralization)
  • Remote monitoring of sources of heat / forest fire
  • Environmental Due Diligence
  • Legal technical opinion and monitoring expertise and environmental processes
  • Evaluation of contaminated areas
  • Solid waste management plan (PGRS)