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Be within the parameters of the Forest Code and get excellent results

Agricultural production activities, which may have some impact on the environment, require adaptation to a new laws national and international commitments to guarantee the important role that Brazil plays in the issue of global food security.

The paradigm of food production with values of economic, social and environmental sustainability is the great challenge of the contemporary world. Focus on solving issues related to these trends and demands of rural producers, Geoflorestas has developed the Environmental Adequacy Program that aims to specifically meet your needs.

With a strategic consulting and a set of activities we define the actions to improve the profitability of the property, with an intensification and legal extension of the production area, with better practices and legal forms less onerous for a Full Environmental Regularization with a Maintenance and conservation of the Permanent Preservation Areas (APP) and Legal Reserve.

Degraded area
Deficit of legal reserves
Suitability Project
Legal Reserve Compensation
Recovered area
Legal reserve surplus
Environmental certification
Now ready to make your Rural Environmental Register
Rural property

Contact our team and learn how is your environmental situation.

Environmental diagnostic

An analysis will indicate the peculiarities of each situation and the potential for the area’s recovery.


For each situation it is proposed a specific method of environmental suitability.

Project implementation

Beginning of the necessary actions for the recovery of degraded areas.